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wish i could upload more at once!

2010-12-27 17:17:30 by boza44

I have so many songs I want to share with you guys and hopefully collaborate on games.... unfortunately I can only do 2 a day for now, so I'm going to start aiming for 2 uploads a day.

anybody know whether I can still sell my songs later, or am I signing the rights over to newgrounds when I upload them? Oh well, screw the money I just want to create!


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2010-12-28 00:26:54

Flash authors will be able to freely use your music under a Creative Commons license, and you will be immortalized with permanent credits.

That's a tough question cause I'm too lazy to read the actual contract.. but.. what I would do, if you want to sell your music, is only post tidbits of each song.. like 1-2 minutes of it.. that's just me though, I only make beats for fun and they all suck anyways so I don't have to worry about selling my stuff.